• Asia’s leading and most highly-anticipated event
  •  Highlights on market access and commercialization case study
  •   The region’s largest gathering of leading and future stakeholders across the value chain

With continued growth and evolving market dynamics, sales of global biosimilars is forecasted to reach $25 billion in the year of 2020 and Asia is expected to ride on the uphill trend. Biosimilar regulations are expected to change and having the right commercialization strategy will be the key to accessing new markets.

At IBC’s Biosimilars Asia Conference, top industry players will explore practical strategies for gaining access to emerging markets, clarifying regulatory pathways and clinical approvals, evaluating business models, risks and investment opportunities, pricing and commercialization strategies and successful case studies.

Conference Themes:

  • Biosimilar product registration and developments
  • Preparations before embarking on manufacturing
  • Partnerships & collaboration for biosimilar development
  • Clinical development for biosimilars
  • Biosimilar technology transfer & licensing
  • Legal considerations & IP challenges

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  • 生物仿制药产品注册及开发
  • 开始生产前的配制
  • 生物仿制药开发的合作与协作
  • 生物仿制药的临床开发
  • 生物仿制药技术转让及许可
  • 法律考虑事项及知识产权挑战

Featured Speakers

Dr Ira Allen Jacobs
Oncology Portfolio Global Medical Lead-Biosimilars, Pfizer, US

Huiguo (Forrest) Hu
General Manager of International Business, Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, China

Paul Thomas
Business Unit Head – Biosimilars, Biocon, India

Dr Shin Jae Chang
Vice President, Celltrion, Korea

Raj Kannan
Vice President, Commercial Head, Biosimilars, Merck, Switzerland

Dr. Martina A. Sersch
Global Clinical Lead, Oncology Global Development, APAC Biotherapeutics Lead, Genentech, Inc. / F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

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